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This has been a year long labour of love that stemmed from our mutual adoration of fashion, art and design. It all began on a trip to Mexico where we spent countless hours roaming (and sweating) in the hot market alleys, discovering beautiful treasures and handmade goods. We were hooked! Fast forward a year and we find ourselves in the same place, but this time we are armed and ready for our first ever buying trip. We scoured the streets, negotiated like pros an took many margarita and quesadilla breaks. Girls gotta eat! But we digress. A few trips and transactions later and we had a store to make! That's the short of it. We would tell you the whole story but you'd be bored so here are some pictures instead. 

A gorgeous textile market, a hand painted mural by a local artist and the ever important selfie break. 

Hey Gorgeous!

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