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Although Ardillas United first broke internet ground in 2014, its story has been 20 years in the making. Like all good friendships, the one between founders Kora and Karolina is grounded in their similarities. Originally from Poland, both immigrated to Canada, where they met in 1994. They soon discovered that they were both avid animal lovers, and shared an interest in music and fashion. As they grew up, they both developed a passion for wine, reality TV, and travel. Already closer than sisters, the two officially became family when Karolina married Kora's brother in 2000. 


Their friendship is grounded in similarities, however it's their differences that make them the perfect duo. Kora loves chocolate, Karolina loves candy. Karolina swoons over romance movies while Kora gleefully devours anything horror. Kora's love of photography and all things creative is balanced by Karolina's analytical, organized approach to life. Kora is easily persuaded, carefree and loves to bend the rules now and then, whereas Karolina is stubborn and so by-the-book that she needs to bring an actual book on the plane, because she is NOT turning on her iPad until they hit 10,000 feet. 

Together, their unity in passion and divergence in personality makes Ardillas United what it is. Kora and Karolina want to share with you the treasures collected on their travels, offering pieces that are unique, timeless and fabulous. 

What's with the name?

While singing along to a song one day (the name of which escapes them), the girls thought it would be fun to replace the word "girl" with "squirrel" and see if it would fit with the lyrics of the song. It did. Since that day all "girls" became "squirrels" and eventually Kora and Karolina would refer to each other as such.

The word "ardillas" means squirrels in Spanish, a perfect fit as Mexico is one of the girls' favourite place to travel and calling their store Squirrels United just didn't have the same ring to it. 

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