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The Return of the Coaster

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Coasters are so 1990. Or were... coasters were so 1990. 

Remember attempting to place your glass on auntie Elsie's mid century modern coffee table and, as if in slow motion, seeing the tray of home made cookies fly through the air as your aunt rushes to place a tacky coaster underneath your glass of milk? Her ugly surface protectors were a necessity rather than a statement to complement her decor. 

We wanted to change that so as we were enjoying a day off at our favourite Mexican playa, the waiter brought over our "margaritas en las rocas" and placed the drinks on the most perfect coasters that mimicked tiny Oaxacan rugs. Immediately we realized that we must find these, share them with you and save you from making aunt Elsie's mistake.

We say to you, dear friends, bring back the coaster and do it proudly!




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