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Bring on the Head Wear!

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Once a thing of the 80’s, the ear warmers (or earmuffs if you are crude enough to call them that), are making a fierce comeback. According to Wikipedia, a 15 year old from Fermington, Maine, by the name of Chester Greenwood invented these convenient ear protectors in 1873. Chester’s purpose for the contraption was probably practical, but people have been reinventing the ear warmer to make them a fashion statement since his time. Over the years, the ear warmers have come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and despite fashions efforts to eliminate them, they have prevailed and are here to stay.
Hat. Chapeau. Lid. Sombrero. Beret. Toque. Bonnet. Skullcap. Beanie. They have many names and have been around forever, we suspect that Adam and Eve probably made the first ones out of leaves and such. Now a days, the “beanie” is more of a fashion statement (or the perfect excuse to cover up your unruly hair), then it is practical. The hipsters have brought them back solely to hide the fact that they don’t bathe as often as they should, but let’s be honest, they look super hot in them.
Winter is coming and whatever your head wear preference is, visit our store to protect your noggin from the cold or protect the world from that hairdo.








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