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Welcome Beastie the Mobile Boutique!

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On May 23rd we welcomed a new addition to our little Ardillas family. At a generous 26 feet, she snugly squeezed into the driveway as we stared and pondered about what we just did and what the next steps would be. Leave it to us to buy a truck with no engine that requires a full interior renovation! Not to mention that we booked ourselves our very first event leaving us just 5 weeks to complete everything... No problem. 

We would spend the following weeks on a diet of wine and pizza (super classy, yo) and covered in everything from spray paint to sawdust and PL glue, which is the satan of glues by the way. If you get it on your body, you need to sell your soul if you ever want it off. That's just one of the things we learned on our journey. Here are some more:

  • You love your friends even more when they come to help you or bring you food. 
  • Do not purchase a vehicle that has been previously vinyl wrapped and then painted over. Ever. Don't do it. It will literally take you a week to take that sh*t off and it will ruin your life. 
  • Pizza is delicious. 
  • Your neighbours will think you're nuts until they see then finished product. Then they will be super stoked for you. 
  • Wear gloves. Always wear gloves.
  • Don't sit in glue.
  • Sometimes a maiden voyage is not successful and you will be left stranded in a parking lot and need to call for help
  • If all else fails, we can be vinyl floor installers. We are that good. 
  • Hydrate with more than just beer and wine. Especially when it's 30 degrees outside. 

We are so proud to welcome the new and improved Beastie into the world and we cannot wait to parade her around our beautiful city. 

Beastie Before

 Beastie After

Hey Gorgeous!

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